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Write copy that converts

Writing is far more than making your content ‘sound good’. It’s about producing copy that converts, reducing bounce rate, nailing your CTAs – and building around the right keywords.

Design around your users

When you think of design, you probably think of fonts, colours, and images. But you need to take it further. Great design is about site structure, user friendly navigation and much more.

Stand out on social media

To truly scale, you need to get the word out – from optimizing your Instagram, to learning the secrets of ranking on YouTube. My ultimate social media guides have everything you need.

Some of David’s writing tips are absolutely brilliant. I come back regularly for those alone.

Jo Stewart

I love that David’s ideas are based on actual case studies, so they’re impossible to ignore.

Andy richards

Tips backed up with facts. I love the built-in tools he uses on his pages, like the YouTube calculator.

Alex Coe

About us

We tried multiple times to gain traction through an online business. We realised most of the advice we followed would have worked perfectly well in 2012, butt not so much in 2021. Today the rules are different. Google’s algorithm has gotten so smart that the only way to succeed is to build offline relationships, that translate to authority online. We set up this site to show you the fastest, most direct way of doing just that.