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Hey, we’re David and John. To get anywhere online in 2021, you’ll need to be restless, proactive, scrappy and determined. These are all things we’ve learned along our journey through lots of trial – and lots of error. 

This site is designed to help you go all the way to the top. Everything you need is right there in the menu above. 

First, we’ve covered the four main areas of marketing. Success setting up your blog. How to master social media (if your business model requires it). How to write to sell, and how to master your SEO. 

But succeeding online is so much more than technical knowledge. Ironically, it’s more about humans than anything else. You’ll get links because an actual person likes your stuff. You’ll get shares because you make someone feel something real. If you can leverage the right outreach strategies then there will be no stopping you. 

We’ve also built out a growth engine, which is full of smaller bite sized goals, with exactly how to do them. If you achieve them all you’ll have built something pretty exciting. 

To make Everything easier along the way, we’ve also coded in some helpful calculators, generators and some tech software that’ll accelerate everything. 

A digital business is a future proof way of making solid (often automated) money, and it’s also a playground for all your cool ideas and dreams. We’re happy you’re here so we can help you get there faster. 

We’d love to hear about your journey, so feel free get in touch.