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Hi, I’m David Michael. I started this blog to pass on my 15+ years of copywriting and creative experience. I write regularly about the best copy practices, as well as the importance of design and branding in getting customers to take action.

However, succeeding online is so much more than technical knowledge. Ironically, the online world is still driven by human relationships. You’ll get shares because you make someone feel something real. If you can leverage the right outreach and marketing strategies, then there will be no stopping you. 

To make everything easier along the way, I’ve also included some helpful calculators, generators and tech software within the blog, which will hopefully accelerate your progress. 

A digital business is a future proof playground for all your best ideas, which can be continually tweaked and optimised until you’re seeing the results you want.

I’d love to hear about your journey, so feel free get in touch.