37 Lucrative Ways to Make Money From Home

Right now, staying at home is where it’s at. Even in the pre-pandemic world, earning money from the comfort of your sofa was a goal held by millions. I’m going to walk you through the fastest, most lucrative ways to make money from home.

Each of the money-making methods in this piece has the potential to earn you a high-income living. I’ve not included any of the normal filler that appears in most blogs about making money from home (such as coupon cutting or filling out online surveys), which pay about $2 per hour.

To prove it, I’ve included at least one highly-successful role model for each method. You won’t find anyone who has made it big by cutting coupons!

Ultimately, this guide aims to give you the tools, the inspiration and the direction to get started with your own online business and take control of your future.

Just below this introduction I’ve added a table of contents. If any of the methods catch your eye, you can skip ahead by clicking the link.

Let’s get started!

Table of contents

1. Monetize your online blog

In the same way as Adam Enfroy!

Adam Enfroy is big news when it comes to monetizing a blog. What makes him stand out is how quickly he’s done it, which he writes about in detail on his platform.

In just over a year he’s gone from zero to around $76k a month by adding income streams including affiliate income, consultancy fees, products and courses.

Make money from home by starting a successful blog, like adam enfroy
Source: Adam enfroy

How can you make money from a blog?

Making money from your blog is a process that requires effort. However, it can be an excellent source of both active and passive income if you do the right steps in the right order.

Here are the 12 simple steps you need to follow to make money from your blog:

  1. Buy a domain and pick a host such as Bluehost for around $7 per month.
  2. If you want quicker hosting and are less concerned about the price then select a web host like WP Engine (which I use).
  3. Install the latest version of WordPress (free) and then choose a professional-looking WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.
  4. Add Yoast plugin for SEO (free).
  5. Add Autoptimize to increase your page speed (free).
  6. Install UpdraftPlus so you can backup your site (free).
  7. Add Easy Table of Contents so you can have a contents table at the top of articles (free).
  8. Pick a niche using either your current expertise or a keyword research tool like SEM Rush or Ahrefs.
  9. Research keywords to target, aiming to overtake sites with a lower Domain Authority than 25.
  10. Get backlinks by reaching out to high authority websites in your niche offering to guest blog and write reviews (spend 70% of your time getting backlinks to build your authority). You can also use Google’s free tools to help you rank higher.
  11. As you gain traffic, add monetization streams such as consultancy and your own digital products.
  12. As your traffic increases above 30k visitors a month add Google Adsense and affiliate links.

Recommended reading:

There are plenty of great posts showing how to turn a simple blog into multiple revenue streams. Here’s Adam Enfroy’s own post, showing how he makes money online through his blog.

I recommend it because he talks about getting started and focusing on what really matters instead of over-designing logos, banners or other distracting graphics.

2. Become an affiliate marketer

Like Pat Flynn.

As he continues to rake in millions every year from affiliate marketing and a growing product range, Pat Flynn is practically a household name in the blogging space.

He is most well known for his site Smart Passive Income.

He has also started passive income blogs in several niche areas, including growing a food truck business!

Make money from home through affiliate marketing, like Pat Flynn

How to make money from home as an affiliate marketer

To make money from home as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to create a strategy and stick to it.

  1. Pick a profitable niche by doing some keyword research around monthly search volume.
  2. Choose your platform – I think YouTube and blogging have the most potential.
  3. Create amazing shareable content. Either long-form posts or informative videos.
  4. Drive traffic to your site or channel, either paid or organically.
  5. Find affiliate programs to join and reach out to get approved by these programs
  6. Convert your traffic to sales using a landing page tool like Leadpages.

Recommended reading:

I highly recommend this blog by ahrefs (a keyword research tool). It’s aimed at affiliate beginners and will take you through all of the steps above in plenty of detail.

This method is highly profitable – people make millions every year through affiliate marketing.

3. Make money from home through a Podcast

Like Tim Ferriss!

Tim Ferris is a business owner, turned blogger, turned Podcaster. If you’ve heard of him then it’s probably through his podcast, or his bestselling books ‘Four Hour Work Week’ and ‘Four Hour Body’.

His life hacks, celeb interviews, mentorship and business expertise has turned him into one of the world’s biggest influencers. He’s already passed 400 million downloads and is fast on the way to the magic half a BILLION mark.

Making money from a podcast can have big, big rewards and a shout-out goes to Joe Rogan who earns a massive $800,000 per episode.

We’d all like a tiny slice of that pie!

Start a successful podcast like Tim Ferriss

How can you make money from home through a Podcast?

To start hosting and distributing your podcast, you need to follow 10 simple steps:

  1. Judge how many hours of podcast hosting you need a month and research signup vs. renewal prices. A longer contract usually means saving money.
  2. Make sure that the podcast host you choose has plenty of reliable features. As part of this step, research server reliability and uptime guarantees. You don’t want an outage when you’ve got a successful podcast going.
  3. When you’ve decided on the basics, select a podcast host like BuzzSprout or Podbean. These are both great beginner podcasting hosts.
  4. Choose hardware to record your podcast, like an Apple MacBook or a Microsoft laptop.
  5. Next up, choose a software for high-quality recording, such as Anchor or Zencastr.
  6. Follow the instructions from your host to record your first Podcast. A great idea to kick off is to aim for a few early collaborations with smaller podcasts. This will help you learn the art and you’ll get each other through, as well as helping to promote one another.
  7. Submit to directories like iTunes. You will need an Apple ID. If you submit your podcast to Google Play, you will need to sign up for an active Google account.
  8. Upload your podcast to Spotify (you will need a Spotify account).
  9. Promote your podcast on your internal channels like your website or email newsletter. Remember to analyse your results for insights you can build on. Don’t forget to ask your listeners to feedback since they are the most important part of your podcast journey.
  10. Keep improving your content and ideas to find your style and develop an edge.

Recommended reading:

For step-by-step instructions to help you to dive right in, check out this beginner podcast guide.

4. Stream yourself playing video games

Follow in the footsteps of Ninja!

Ninja is the best paid video game streamer on the planet, with a yearly income of around $15 million. He made his name on a gaming platform called Twitch, which is owned by Amazon.

Twitch is the fourth largest website in the world by internet usage!

Ninja streams himself playing Fortnite, which is one of the most popular games on the planet. He makes huge money through paid business partnerships, where brands pay him to mention their product.

In 2019, he shocked the gaming world by announcing he was leaving Twitch for an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer.

Here are the sums of money we’re talking about…

Source: Business Insider

How can you make money on Twitch?

For something as simple as a gaming platform, there is a whole spectrum of ways you can make money from Twitch. Imagine earning money from home playing the games you love!

One route is to get accepted into the Twitch Partnership Program, which will give you a share of revenue from:

  • Paid subscriptions by viewers.
  • Ads on the channel.
  • Donations of Bits through Cheers.

However, fewer than 2% of Twitch users are part of this program. You have to be accepted, and to do that you’ll usually have had to build up a large and engaged audience first. Luckily, there are other ways to make money on Twitch:

  1. The Twitch affiliate program. Yet another way to make money from affiliate marketing, which we discussed earlier in this blog.
  2. Collecting bits. These are like emojis of appreciation from your followers which are used inside the chatrooms on your stream. They are only worth a cent each but if you have a lot of followers they can accumulate quickly!
  3. Donations – the more generous your followers the better! The good thing about this route is that Twitch audiences tend to be highly invested and engaged with the users they follow.
  4. Paid sponsorships. Last but not least, this can be a really lucrative way of making money if your personal brand is aligned to a sponsor. It can be as simple as mentioning them on your feed, wearing a t-shirt or hat, having a poster in the background, or anything else that gives a brand exposure.

Recommended reading:

Like any platform, from YouTube to Instagram, the money you make on Twitch will depend on the size and engagement of your audience.

This article about how to make money on Twitch gives you valuable insights about both monetization and the most important aspect of any platform: gaining an audience.

5. Make money on YouTube

Like PewDiePie…

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian, and philanthropist, known primarily for his Let’s Play videos and comedic formatted shows.

After registering his eponymous YouTube channel in 2010, Kjellberg primarily posted Let’s Play videos of horror and action video games.

This method of making money from home has been tried and tested by entrepreneurs around the world.

Better still, there’s the potential to make serious, serious money. The top YouTube influencers are all making millions.

Even the second, third and fourth tier earners are earning a high income. The YouTube model also means that one viral video has the potential to skyrocket income. The most liked videos on YouTube each bring in millions in ad revenue.

How can you start making money on YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform. It’s also the world’s second biggest search engine… after Google! Whatever your niche, you’ll find an engaged audience on YouTube.

Just like other video platforms, you can make money through corporate tie-ups and affiliate links in the video description.

However, the most popular way to make money is through ads.

YouTubers make $5 for every 1,000 views. Source: Turbo.Intuit.

When you consider that 5 BILLION videos are watched per day, the money paid out to influencers every day is staggering.

Of course, if it was as easy as that, everyone would be doing it. As ever, it all hinges on building an audience of engaged subscribers.

You can start using some of the best social media tools on the market to help grow your audience.

The handy infographic below also shows 4 top tips for a successful YouTube channel:

Source: Tunedly

6. Offer online consultancy advice

Just like… Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a SEO guru and digital agency owner. His website contains countless tips and tricks to help you master search engine optimization and digital marketing.

He makes millions every year through his digital products and the leads that they generate.

His main channel is his blog, but he also has big followings on Instagram and Youtube. He ranks both one and two on Google for Digital marketing and Online Marketing.

How to make money from home as a consultant

Making money as a consultant is about really knowing your subject inside out.

It can be in a mainstream area like online marketing, or a niche programming language like Verilog.

Consultancy is the first and easiest money-making scheme to add to your website.

That’s because it’s far less reliant on visitor volume than other methods like affiliate sales and Google Adsense.

Technically, you could convert the first person who ever visited your site into a paying customer for your consultancy. However, there are some things you need to be ultra-clear about in your offering:

  1. Focus on the user benefits, not the features. Nobody cares what you’ve done in the past, all they care about is the value you can offer to them right now. Therefore, make your communications all about the user.
  2. Stay in your niche. What Neil Patel does so well is that he stays in his lane around digital and online marketing. If he stepped outside of it then his proposition would immediately be weaker as his expertise would feel watered down.
  3. Make it clear what your service is, and how people can get hold of you. Your site should have a landing page tool which pops up vital information when the user shows an intent to exit your page, for instance. I recommend checking out Leadpages if you’re serious about making money online through consultancy.
Source: leadpages

Recommended reading:

It’s worth checking out Neil Patel’s blog for a deep dive into how to become a marketing consultant.

7. Sell your own artwork

Like… Timmy Sneaks.

From Boston, Timmy Sneaks is one of the biggest new pop artists on the scene.

His mixed media works blending cartoons with gangsta style movies have gained him a following of thousands on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, his photos are always immaculately taken, and his videos are beautifully produced. His Instagram grid is perfectly laid out, helping him to gain nearly 100k engaged followers.

Better still, he didn’t go down the normal art route. He started off building his brand and has only recently started to display his work in galleries.

How to make money from home as an artist: Timmy sneaks is a great role model

How to make money from home with your artwork

Logistically, this is easier than you think, but also very dependent on your level of artistic talent (obviously!).

If you’re a talented artist, here’s how to curate your content:

  1. Set up a personal Instagram account and regularly showcase your best work. If you set up a business account you’ll be able to see more analytics, but I personally believe the organic reach to be lower.
  2. Make sure it’s well lit, in-focus and includes a range of hashtags relevant to your style. Remember, your feed is your brand.
  3. Your hashtags should vary between long-lasting and immediate. Long lasting hashtags might be a more accurate description of your work but will have fewer searches. This will keep you adding followers in small numbers over months. More immediate hashtags have volume in the millions and will only be in people’s feeds for a few seconds. However, they can reach a LOT of people quite quickly.
  4. Research the best time to post on Instagram for your niche, audience and timezone. This can have a huge impact on your speed of growth.
  5. Try engaging with your audience in your posts by asking questions. Make sure you reply to all comments and messages to build and engaged following. Also leave likes and comments on posts similar to your niche.

Once you have an engaged following, you can start directing people to purchase prints or originals through an online store.

Building your website

  • Purchase a domain name and hosting. For a simple art store, Bluehost is your best bet.
  • I recommend using your own name as your personal brand. This is because people want to feel connected to the art they buy.
  • Install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. Create an account and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to complete the following sections: page setup, store locale, shipping and tax, payments.
  • Set up a Paypal or Stripe account as a way to get paid. Use WooCommerce to accept payments through Paypal or Stripe, which keeps it simple for your user.
  • Next, you need to set up a third party supplier, like Printful. They will fulfil all of your orders from packaging to posting. You’re just the shop front.
  • Connecting Printful to your WordPress is easy. Go to plugins > add new > search for Printful and activate it. Once that’s done, follow the simple instructions to set up your online store.
  • When your store is ready to go, promote it through your posts. Add a link to your Instagram bio and drive as much traffic as possible through your page.

Recommended reading:

The most important part of this process is growing an Instagram account. It won’t come overnight but with constant engagement, you’ll build an audience to help you make money from home by creating the art you love.

8. Make money from home through your Etsy store

Like Nadia Feliz!

With her store AmeliyCom, Nadia Feliz has created an incredibly successful store with her quirky digital downloads.

Covering everything from baby shower invites to electronic birth announcements, she helps make moments even more special for people with a touch of craft. Her store has been favourited by Etsy users over 3,000 times!

How to make money from home on etsy
Ameliycom store on Etsy. Source: Etsy

How to make money on Etsy

Creating a successful Etsy store embodies what being an entrepreneur in 2020 is all about. The key to being successful, at least at the start, is being able to multi-task and stay on top of the different skills you need to master.

For instance, one minute you might be a product make, the next you’re a marketer.

To make money on Etsy, you need to have a product with a big enough margin to earn you a significant profit, even after the posting and delivery fee are taken into account.

Here is a 5-step plan to make money on Etsy:

  • You need a product to sell that will get people excited.
  • A name, brand and logo for your shop. The more professional you appear, the easier it will be to get started. Especially when you don’t have a bank of positive reviews.
  • Clear, well-lit pictures. We are all visual creatures and we buy with our eyes. Therefore, professional-style photos will help you make your mark.
  • A little bit of start-up capital. This doesn’t have to break the bank but remember, you do need to buy the materials to make your product and account for a small posting fee per item.
  • A delivery plan. This requires you to have done your sums in advance and factored delivery costs into the price.
  • Perseverance and confidence. Don’t worry if you don’t sell instantly, with a few tweaks and a competitively priced product you should back yourself to sell. Product pricing can be a bit of a lottery in such a competitive landscape so make sure you do your research first.

Recommended reading:

Check out this piece from Nerd Wallet for a deeper dive into selling on Etsy.

9. Create and launch a digital product

Like Dmitry Gerasimenko

Dmitry was the brains behind ahrefs – one of the most popular digital products on the planet. It allows businesses large and small to get insights into their keywords, helping them to rank their articles higher and analyze their site’s backlink profile.

It’s said that ahrefs has the second fastest search trawler on the world, after Google.

Okay, so you don’t even need to be even a fraction as successful as ahrefs to make a mark with your digital product. You just need to have something that can add value to a selection of users.

How to make money from home with a digital product.

The biggest things you need are a great idea, and a way to promote your product to a wide audience. On the promotion side of things, you might decide to go down the blog route, or you might invest in some of the best social media tools to help you.

On the idea front, check out this article featuring 101 digital products you can sell.

10. Get paid for doing user testing

Like Ashley James.

With over a billion websites out there, most are full of bugs, glitches and errors.

User testing can be the difference between a smooth, polished product that keeps users flocking back, and a slow and cumbersome website that is a nightmare to navigate.

That’s why there’s a market for people like Ashley who make money from home by comprehensively testing websites, digital products and apps to help optimize every aspect.

Make money from home as a user tester

Becoming a user tester lets you give feedback on tech products, often for the biggest brands and the newest, most exciting technologies.

I recommend User Testing where the sign-up process is quick and easy:

  1. Sign up – you’ll need to take a sample test.
  2. Take the tests – give feedback on the products you use.
  3. Get paid – up to $10 for every 20 minute test that you take.
Usertesting.com sign up page

With a consistent and flexible working pattern, user testing is an emerging market in the gig economy. The constant influx of tech products from every corner of the internet makes it an almost endless money-making resource.

It’s fast, simple way to make money from home.

11. Make an income through freelance writing

Just like Neil Strauss.

Neil Strauss is a freelance writer / blogger / author who has written several bestsellers, including The Game about the secret society of pickup artists.

Neil also wrote regularly for The New York Times and at Rolling Stone.

His work continues to make millions, converting his ideas into short films and writing follow-ups to his most successful books.

How can you become a successful writer from home?

Seriously, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money from home. There are millions of freelance writers out there on platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork.

You need to have a good grasp of writing and previous experience helps.

Best of all, you can start making money from home right away.

Make an account on Fiverr. Their sign-up page looks like this.

Use fiverr to make money from home

Or try Upwork.

How to make money from home through upwork

12. Become a social media influencer

Follow in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner!

Okay, nobody is expecting you to become a billionaire (or a self-proclaimed billionaire).

However, there are millions of social media influencers making serious, serious money to promote products through their own personal brand.

One of the very biggest is Kylie Jenner. who boasts a staggering 170 MILLION followers and can command over $1.2 MILLION per post!

Kylie Jenner, successful online influencer

There are a ton of platforms ready made for influencers to start making money in a variety of ways. These are used by some of the biggest brands out there.

Here are 10 platforms you can sign up for and start making money online as an influencer:

  1. Fohr
  2. Clever Girls
  3. Collectively
  4. Linqia
  5. Niche
  6. Fresh Press Media
  7. Izea
  8. StyleHaul
  9. The Amplify
  10. Popular Pays

(Credit: Whimsy Soul)

Recommended reading:

I suggest you read this article about influencer marketing which also links to helpful podcasts on the subject. As a note of caution, stay focused on a few core channels. Don’t spread yourself too thin and make one of these marketing mistakes.

13. Make money from home as a designer

Follow the path of Tyson Beck.

His work has been everywhere in American sports for the last decade. He’s worked for major sports bodies like the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLS as well as major brands like Adidas and Nike.

As a freelance designer he also commands a big Instagram following. His tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant went viral after their tragic deaths.

Tyson beck's designs

How can you make money from home as a designer?

Plenty of ways! Most designers these days work from home, and a good chunk of them are freelancers.

The easiest way to get started is on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork. The sign up process for these platforms is incredibly quick and easy.

However, to make lucrative money from home as a designer, you’ll need to build good experience and have an eye-catching portfolio.

Here are 10 top tips for your design portfolio:

  1. Host it on a platform like Behance as building a network will help you.
  2. Create your own website with your portfolio pieces in ADDITION to Behance. Depending on the job you’re going for, you may want full control of the code to tailor which items you put higher.
  3. Only put high-res, beautiful pieces on your website. You’re a designer so it needs to look awesome.
  4. If you only have photographs of print work, or direct mail pieces etc. then make sure they are professionally photographed in a well-lit setting
  5. Put digital designs in context by mocking up on an iPad or Mac screen.
  6. Write a little around the context of each piece. Sometimes the best design has come from finding a solution to a tricky brief. Clients want to know you can think creatively as well as design.
  7. Make sure you say which programs you are skilled in, for example: Photoshop, Lightroom.
  8. Don’t put big brands at the top of your portfolio just because of the name. People want to see your BEST stuff.
  9. Put your designs on social platforms like Linkedin and Pinterest to get more traction.
  10. If you’ve never had a job as a designer then that’s not a problem! Make up some briefs for yourself and come up with proactive designs for brands. A client wants to see the quality of your design work, even if that piece of work hasn’t run.

14. Offer your proofreading skills

Just like Fleur Hudson.

Since joining Fiverr to offer her Proofreading skills, Fleur has amassed over 191 reviews and rates as a 5* seller.

As a writer of books, she lists her strong points as: ‘A flair for writing, ability to empathize with the writer and willingness to go that extra mile to develop the subject further.’

How to make money from home as a proofreader

How to make money from your proofreading skills

Here’s how to create a Fiverr account and start making money as a freelance proofreader right away:

How to create an account on Fiverr
How to create an account on Fiverr. Source: Google.com

15. Help people grow their social media channels

Like Vanessa Lau.

Vanessa lists herself as an online strategist turned CEO who helps people build their influence on social media without resorting to rule-bending bots or cheap tricks.

She currently earns more than six figures by advising everyone from businesses to entrepreneurs on their use of social. She has over 300k subscribers on YouTube.

Make money online like Vanessa Lau

How to become a social media consultant:

There are several route towards making money as a social media consultant.

The most important of course is to know your stuff inside out. Once you do, you need a way to get that knowledge in front of people.

3 ways to present your social media knowledge:

  • Create a YouTube channel. Talk passionately about your knowledge of different social platforms. As a bonus, you could also make money from YouTube ads if you build an audience and get plenty of hits.
  • Promote your knowledge on social channels. If you’ve built up an audience online then you’ll sound even more credible. Platforms like Instagram are very flexible with their formats so you can post videos, top tips in graphics, or even daily tips on your Instagram story.
  • Create a blog. Write long, detailed articles about optimizing social media channels. Aim to rank for long-tail keywords with plenty of volume, like ‘best time to post on Instagram‘.

If you go down the blog route, use a keywords tool like ahrefs. You’ll want to base your blogs around long-tail, relevant keyword terms that best showcase your knowledge. See below:

16. Create an online webinar

Like Maria Coz.

Maria prides herself on her high-converting webinars, sales funnels and product launches.

Known for her straight-talking approach, she details innovative strategies to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to gain the edge.

With a wide array of different clients, she’s crafted her own niche in an incredibly competitive environment, from the comfort of her own home.

Maria Coz

How to create and sell your online webinar in 10 simple steps:

  1. Choose your presenting team and subject
  2. Decide decide on your Webinar format
  3. Plan out the visuals for your Webinar
  4. Research different Webinar solutions. This will depend on the tools you need for your Webinar.
  5. Pick the right Webinar solution for you.
  6. Seed your Webinar to gauge interest. Send out early registration links on your social channels.
  7. Publish your Webinar and go into full promotion mode
  8. Pick the best time and date for your Webinar taking timezones into account.
  9. Carry out your Webinar
  10. Follow up with your attendees asking for feedback and continuing conversations around your subject.

Recommended reading:

See how to create a Webinar from scratch.

17. Make money from home as an online tutor

Get paid like of Ed Singadia.

As a mathematics genius, Ed created his own online business to help pass his knowledge on to the next generation.

From his own home, he makes money through one-to-one tutoring using video platforms to teach a wide variety of students.

Millions of people make money online through tutoring, especially as we live in the Zoom generation.

The first thing you need is a real skill that people can learn from. It helps if you’ve taken a teaching course because just knowing a subject isn’t enough. You have to know how to teach it.

For example, just because I know how to speak English, it doesn’t mean I can teach it because I don’t necessarily know the language technicalities. That said, these can be easily learned by doing a course on an online platform like:

  1. Udemy
  2. Skillshare
  3. Coursera

Once you have a bit of teaching knowledge, there are almost too many tutoring platforms to mention. It really depends on what you do.

For example, when you Google ‘become a language teacher‘ you get plenty of options:

You can make money from home with different tutoring platforms
There are a whole host of tutoring platforms. Source: Google

18. Self-publish your own book

Like Hugh Howey.

His journey from part-time writer to world famous author is a great story.

He started his most famous series back in 2011 as a stand-alone short story. To retain the freedom of a self-published author, he published through amazon.com’s kindle direct system.

Make money from your self published book like Hugh Howey

In 2012 he signed a deal with Simon & Schuster which allowed. him to continue selling the book online exclusively.

As an inspiration to self-published authors everywhere, he turned down a seven-figure offer to maintain his ebook rights and it’s paid off for him in style.

How to self-publish a book:

  1. Research your audience
  2. Write a factual or fiction book that’s well researched and well-written.
  3. Get your book professionally edited using a proofer and editor with solid reviews in your niche. You can fine an editor on a platform like Fiverr.
  4. Commission an illustrator or designer to create and format your cover. This will make it look professional.
  5. Decide which selfpublishing platform you’d like to use. Amazon and Blurb are just two options.
  6. Upload your manuscript and accompanying assets, following the instructions.
  7. When you’re ready, publish your book and promote it across your social channels. Reach out to friends and family to get more traction and some early sales. Comment on other people’s material to build relationships.
  8. Continue to respond to user reviews which will encourage more people to promote your material.

19. Write an ebook guide

Follow in the footsteps of Kayla Itsines!

Kayla aims her ebook guides to support women in their health and fitness journeys. Today she is recognized as one of the most influential personal trainers in the world.

She makes money from home through a range of online courses, ebooks and publications.

Make money from home like Kayla Itsines

Ebooks are great ways to get your ideas across without taking it as far as publishing a book. They can be shorter, punchier and generally revolve around a single subject.

Here’s how to get started and make money from home with an ebook guide:

  1. Pick a niche for your book by browsing similar subjects to your own on Amazon.
  2. Then choose a compelling title for your book. Tim Ferriss chose ‘4-hour Work Week‘ after running google ads and seeing which got the highest response!
  3. Once you’ve done that, create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account.
  4. Get your ebook proofed and formatted for publishing.
  5. Then upload your final ebook to KDP.
  6. Start building hype around your pending release on all the channels available to you
  7. Choose your ebook publish date and continue to build hype towards it.
  8. Then hit publish!
  9. Finally, continue to promote, promote, promote!

Recommended reading:

Read this comprehensive overview on how to self publish your ebook.

20. Launch an Instagram store

Like… Sonya Bee.

Known for her quirky outfits and diverse product range, Sonya has amassed nearly 700k followers on Instagram.

Unlike many influencers, she has set it up as a shop so she can display her range directly through the app. Therefore, users can give product feedback through the app and browse it like any other online store.

Launch an instagram store to make money from home like sonya bee

How to set up an Instagram store

To start making money through your Instagram store you must have a professional Instagram account and comply with Instagram’s policies, which can are found here. Then, just follow these simple steps:

Recommended reading:

Your best source is Instagram itself. When setting up your account, you can ensure you’ve done it correctly by reading their help page.

21. Become an illustrator

Like Axel Scheffler.

Axel is one of the most successful illustrators on the planet, famous for his work alongside renowned author, Julia Donaldson.

He’s illustrated classics like The Gruffalo and Room on a Broom, which have been adapted for TV with an all-star voiceover cast.

Become an illustrator to make money from home!

How to make money from home as an illustrator

If you have the skills, you can start making money fast as an illustrator. When getting started, you just need to sign up for one of the many platforms used by agencies and brands looking for talented illustration work.

Here are 4 platforms you can sign up to for free:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. YunoJuno

22. Make money from home as a translator

Like Vivien Lee.

As one of the most popular translation specialists on Fiverr, Vivien Lee has amassed over 3,000k reviews to achieve her 5* rating. When accepting projects, she translates between Chinese (Mandarin) and English, making her one of the most sought after translators on the platform.

With different gigs at various price points, she provides a low barrier to entry to her services.

Make money from home as a translator

To make money as a translator, you just need to be skilled in more than your native language. Lucrative mixes include English to Chinese, and English to German.

Here are 5 platforms to help you start making money from home as a translator:

  1. Unbabel
  2. Fairlingo
  3. Fiverr
  4. Freelancer
  5. Upwork

23. Start a digital agency

There are countless success stories of entrepreneurs who have started digital agencies from their own homes.

Tom Welbourne is one of them.

The founder of London-based agency, The Good Marketer, Tom told Digital Agency Network that he was inspired by seeing how bad other agencies were and how so few offered value for money. He believed that he could do a better job, so he did!

Make an online income like tom welbourne

Anyone can start a digital agency, which usually begins by winning consultancy work as an individual or with a small team.

Here are 5 steps to get started:

  • Build a website and present your knowledge and your offering
  • Ensure your personal brand is up to scratch by updating profiles like Linkedin
  • Carry out Adwords research and start running PPC Google ads for your key search terms
  • Post thought-leadership articles on your blog and professional channels
  • Add your company to Google My Business and relevant professional directories

24. Help businesses with Google PPC ads

Just like Patrick Barrington.

Patrick is part owner of Voxsen digital agency. He was bowled over by the amount of money his clients were spending on PPC ads, sometimes in excess of 100k a month.

He decided to master the craft to bring CPC down, and save his clients money while increasing their ability to target the right audience. Before long, he’d successfully grown it into a highly-profitable arm of his agency.

Make money from home as an adwords expert

Brands spend millions on their PPC Adword campaigns. As the biggest search engine by a long way, Google has a monopoly on the search market. It pays to get good at running PPC campaigns as almost every online business does it.

Since every brand is different, I would advise reading these three great articles on the subject:

  1. How to set up Google ads
  2. Adwords made simple: a step-by-step guide
  3. The ultimate guide to Google ads 2020

25. Make money through paid advertisements on your site

Like… practically anyone!

Paid ad programs exploded as a way for bloggers and site owners to make money easily off their traffic. Google display ads is one of the biggest networks, where users can get paid for both impressions (website views) and clicks (visitors who click the ads).

Use the google display network to make an online income from home

How to make money through the Google Display Network (GDN)

When you sign up to GDN, you’ll receive revenue for allowing its ads on your site.

There are a wide range of variables that will affect money that you make. The biggest is traffic, which will determine how much Adsense will pay you per 1,000 views. Another factor is your CTR (click-through-rate). This is the percentage of your visitors that actually click on an ad from your site.Adsense pays you either for clicks or simply for views.

Regardless of your niche, you can expect around $1 to $1.5 per 1,000 impressions (views). To generate more income you’ll need a higher Click Through Rate.

How will you get paid?

You can withdraw your earnings once a month as long as you’ve met the payment threshold as determined by Google.

You can sign up for Google Adsense here.

26. Become a social media manager

Just like… thousands of people everywhere.

Social media manager used to be a niche job title in a niche area. But the expansion of social into an integral marketing and repetitional tool for most businesses has meant the creation of all types of social media managers.

The best part? It’s such a diverse skillset that many people would qualify to help with some aspect of social media management.

Make money from home with a job as a social media manager

To become a social media manager, you can do it through a freelance platform:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork

Or, you can land a full-time working from home role from a site like:

  1. Indeed
  2. Career builder

27. Hold an online fitness class

Just like… Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks is also known as “The Body Coach”. As a household name in Britain, his books, coaching sessions, social channels and TV slots are followed avidly by millions.

During the recent coronavirus lockdown he became the ‘Nation’s PE teacher’, running sessions every Wednesday to help Britain keep fit. He has an estimated net worth of over $20 MILLION.

Hold P.E. classes from home
Credit: Joe Wicks

Anyone can hold an online fitness or aerobic class. They key is to build a loyal audience of followers. Then you need to decide on your business model.

There are several live streaming platforms which allow you to tailor your model, whether it’s subscription based, or even a class-by-class system.

You can use a platform like Yondo to create your fitness website and start making money from your living room.

Use a platform like Yondo to make an online income

28. Start a subscription model business from home

Like Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov!

These pair of entreprenuers founded the wildly successful SEO software, SEM Rush.

As a couple of SEO enthusiasts , they originally developed it as a Firefox plugin, but soon it became something much bigger. Alongside Ubersuggest and Ahrefs, it’s arguably the largest SEO tool on the market, and provides data on website information, keywords and ad spend.

Make money online with a subscription model.
Credit: SEMrush

It runs as a subscription that makes its owners millions a year.

How to make money online with a subscription model business

You can start an online subscription for pretty much anything, the most common are:

  1. For use of a product (like ahrefs)
  2. To access more content (for example, Quora)
  3. To allow sites to create a profile and add their listing

I recommend using Stripe to set up the recurring subscription, which can be integrated into your WordPress site:

  1. Create a Stripe account.
  2. Go to your dashboard and click billing.
  3. Select products and click new to add to your plan.

29. Develop a WordPress theme from home

Like millions of developers around the world!

There are too many success stories to pick just one out. That is because the sheer scale of this market is enormous. It continues to grow rapidly.

Today there are nearly 1 BILLION websites, and WordPress is the most popular platform, especially for blogs.

How to make money from home as a wordpress developer.
Source: elegant themes

How can you make money as a WordPress developer?

This is a huge market. And the best bit is that it’s far from restricted to WordPress themes.

There is massive (and growing) demand for WordPress maintenance, WordPress plugins and other update work as some of the biggest platforms scramble to stay ahead of smaller, nimble competitors.

WordPress theme and plugin developers have been making big money for years by developing popular themes and selling them through WordPress shops like:

  1. Elegant Themes
  2. Studio Press
  3. My Theme Shop
  4. iThemes
  5. Themify

Read this detailed step-by-step guide on how to develop a WordPress theme.

30. Make money from home by launching your own app

Just like Stuart Hall.

Stuart actually designed and launched 7 minute workout in just 7 hours. It’s a brilliant story that you can find here.

It went on to achieve over 2.3 million downloads, earning him thousands a day. It was eventually acquired by Wahoo.

How to make money from home by launching your own app

Here’s a visual checklist for how to launch your first app:

Make money from home by launching your own app.
Credit: Litslink

31. Create a mobile phone game

Follow the lead of Chirag Chopra.

Chirag’s game ‘Possessions’ won ‘Indie Game of the Year’ award at India GDC 2019. It’s not his only big success. His main titles, including Stay, Mum, and That Little Star, have been featured across platforms in a wide range of countries.

In total, his games have exceeded 10 million downloads, earning him significant financial rewards which continue to grow.

32. Sell products on eBay

Just like Cathy Hayes.

Thousands have made money by selling on eBay for impressive margins on each product. But the story of Cathy Hayes stands out.

As a young mum of three, she turned to eBay in desperation, but was soon racking up enough sales to quit her part-time job and start making a 6-figure turnover as an eBay entrepreneur.

Her secret was to do plenty of research about what sold well and discover where she could find real value in buying more stock.

How can you make money from home as an eBay seller?

Here are 8 steps:

How to make money on eBay.

33. Make money from home with a dropshipping business

Like Wayfair!

Today, Wayfair is one of the biggest suppliers to home goods. However, the company started its life as a dropshipping business. Its owners opened more than 200 niche websites and used dropshipping suppliers to fulfil their orders.

Eventually they merged the lot into one giant eCommerce store which came to be known as Wayfair. Not bad!

The reason that dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money from home is that it takes most of the risk out of the business.

You set up the website which acts as a shopfront. You then connect as many suppliers as you want in the back end and they do all the fulfilment for you – from packaging, to shipping.

This means you don’t ever need to hold or order excess inventory. Instead, you can focus on building an exciting and credible brand.

Here’s a sketch of the dropshipping model:

Make money online with a dropshipping model.
Source: feedough.com

Recommended reading:

To start your own dropshipping business, I recommend reading the following two articles:

  1. Building a successful online dropshipping business
  2. 5 easy steps to starting a dropshipping business

34. Build a TikTok audience

Like Kristen Hancher!

With a net worth of $12 MILLION, Kristen Hancher is one of the new breed of Gen Z TikTok stars taking the world by storm.

She rose to prominence through her lip-syncing and hair color change videos and has gained over 25 million fans in the process.

Brands are rushing to work with the next generation of TikTok content creators who sometimes have far bigger followings than world famous celebs on all of their channels put together.

As yet, TikTok hasn’t been over saturated by brands, which means the algorithm still favours organic content much more than social giants like Instagram and Facebook.

How to make money from home on TikTok

There are multiple ways to make a lucrative income on TikTok, here are 6 of the best:

You can read the full article here.

35. Become a freelance photographer

Like Brandon Woelfel.

Brandon’s stunning neon photography has gained him over 3.1 million followers on Instagram, earning him millions of dollars in the process. Through unique works and brilliant retouching skills, he’s created his own genre of photography.

As brands clamour to work with him, and models want him to shoot their portfolios, his brand continues to grow exponentially.

How to make money from home as a photographer
Credit: Brandon Weolfel

How to make money from home as a photographer

There are a wide number of ways to make money as a freelance photographer. As. well as a great eye, you’ll need good equipment to get started. Then you’ll need to monetize your photos.

Here are 8 ways to earn an income:

  1. Selling stock photos to sites like adobe stock
  2. Selling prints
  3. As a wedding photographer
  4. Sell to photojournalism publications
  5. Build an Instagram following
  6. Sell photos to magazines
  7. Sell wall art on a site like society6
  8. Create t-shirts and other products with your photos

36. Make money from home as a photo retoucher

Like Starlion.

As one of the top rated sellers on freelancing platform Fiverr, Starlion has helped thousands of people get their photos looking beautiful.

As a professional web-designer, he uses Photoshop to create custom graphic design elements and adds a ‘Hollywood sheen’ to the photos. With over 12,000 positive reviews on the platform, he uses his skills to make a lucrative income.

Source: retouchingcentral.com

To make money from home as a retoucher you’ll need to be highly skilled in programs like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Then you’ll need to sign up to a platform used by agencies and businesses such as:

  1. Worksome
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Upwork

37. Offer interior design advice

Just like sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

They created their blog ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ offering home design tricks and tips, along with ideas, walkthroughs and craft projects that anyone can try.

As a result of their enthusiasm, it’s grown into a highly lucrative business with a dedicated team of likeminded employees.

Making money from home with an interior design blog:

The key to making money with a blog is to rank for high-value keywords and build up a loyal following. As a result, you’ll be able to pursue all the regular blog monetization avenues such as Adsense and affiliate marketing.

However, the big advantage of a blog where you sell a physical product is the corporate tie ups and sponsorships you can negotiate.

Once you’re getting significant traffic, you’ll be able to charge brands for appearing on your website.

In the case of an interior design blog, you’ll be able to attract sponsors from both products and service suppliers. From sofa makers and carpet fitters, to kitchen product suppliers and decorators, you can earn lucrative money through the partnerships you develop.

How to make money from home: final thoughts

The truth is, there’s never been a better time to start making money online. We’re more connected than ever before. Working from home has never been more accepted. And you have an unrivalled array of digital tools at your disposal.

You can start earning money today by signing up to a freelancing platform, or you can play the longer game by optimizing an online blog.

The best thing about many of the methods in this article is that you’ll be building an asset for your future, which could future-proof your income in the years to come. For example, a blog will accumulate authority and visitors over time, and a social channel will continue to grow a group of loyal supporters.

One final piece that I would urge you to read is the theory of 1000 true fans. The basis for this piece is simple: if you can build superfans, they will always be willing to spend money on your brand, product, consultancy or service. By building such a loyal following, you can easily see how this might scale. For example, if your superfans were each willing to spend $100 on your product each year, then 1000 fans would result in $100,000.

That’s a great starting point for any online business.

I hope you found this definitive guide useful. Let me know your success stories and feel free to get in touch!

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